Individualized Yoga Practice – Summer Special

Get the results you want from Yoga and transform your life!

Yoga Promotes:
Physical strength, flexibility, increased lung capacity, reduced stress, freedom from self- defeating attitudes, and greater peace and joy.

How This Happens:
You need a teacher to design a practice that meets your specific needs, that can be done at home, that fits into your day, and that gives you the results you seek.

Where to Find:
The yoga I practice, train in, and teach adapts to the need of the individual no matter age or condition. I work with you to design a practice you can do on your own, empower you to continue with the practice, and make changes as we go along together.

2016 Summer Special

Offer Ends on Labor Day (Sep 5th)!

To set up appointment for your individualized yoga practice or for more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Terry, RYT-500
(717) 645-0067