In the Yoga Sutra contentment is recommended as an attitude we adopt toward ourself. The benefit, it tells us, is the attainment of the highest happiness.

When we are content, we are comfortable with what we have and what we don’t have. It is enough; we are enough. In our society, the practice of contentment is difficult as we are bombarded with advertising and messages telling us how we should look, what we should have, and what we should do. This line of thinking fosters comparisons, regrets and ultimately discontentment.

Yoga practice can help us recognize such frustration and encourages us to pay attention to the positive effects of our postures and breathing practices. As our self-awareness grows we are able to recognize our negative patterns, whether it be frustration or the belief we have to have more or be more.

As our practice deepens, we can reflect upon contentment and focus our attention on nourishing gratitude for what is in our lives.