Private Sessions

TKV Desikachar reminds us that the “heart of yoga” is in the personal practice we do each day. Our personal practice done over time and with a positive attitude offers the possibility of transformation in our lives. In order for that to happen, we need guidance. Awareness of our patterns and behaviors causing us difficulty may not be enough to promote this change, and the action we take to create new patterns of behavior are often difficult to sustain. A teacher can come to see what may be limiting this growth and then design a practice using the appropriate tools of yoga to support this transformational process.

In the initial private session, the student completes a confidential health form. Conversation follows so a relationship can be established. This allows teacher and student to be clear about the goals to be accomplished, or the obstacles needing to be reduced in order to achieve those goals. This supports the development of a practice specifically designed for the needs of the individual at every level, from the
physical to the emotional.

The student is then guided in a practice to ensure she can do it on her own at home. If the student has a recording device available, the teacher may record the practice. Otherwise, the teacher draws the practice for the student so it can be used as a reference. It is recommended that the student return for follow-up so the teacher can observe, aid, and/or change the practice as needed.

Private sessions are essential for those sincerely interested in:

  • Developing an at home personal practice
  • Dealing with special needs that can’t be addressed in a group class
  • Studying a particular aspect of yoga in a one-on-one setting