Classes, Workshops, & Study Groups

Group Classes

Group classes provide a dedicated time and space to explore a variety of yoga practices, tools and their effects. A group class can support a personal home practice, allow us a brief respite from the demands and stresses of our lives, and offer a social connection with others interested in yoga. Group classes include yoga poses, breathing practices, concepts from yoga philosophy, chanting, and meditation, depending on the needs of the group. Attention is given to appropriate modifications and options for students’ comfort.

Currently Scheduled Classes


Workshops dedicate an extended period of time to allow in-depth work on a specific topic of interest to students or yoga teachers. A workshop may be a half day, a full day, weekend or longer. Dissemination of information as well as experiential practice supports a greater understanding of the topic. Time is always allotted for question and answer, and discussion. The many questions or insights that arise in our minds during a short group class can be explored and answered during this extended period of time. This allows for a deeper understanding of not only the practice, but also of ourselves.

Topics for workshops can vary and may include: refining postures, breath work, meditation, use of sound or chant, or yoga philosophy.

Study Groups

From time to time, we offer opportunities to learn more about the philosophy and concepts of yoga and how they apply to our lives.