Heart of Yoga

The yoga I practice, train in, and teach adapts to the need of the individual – no matter age or condition.

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What yoga promises is a chance for transformation – to have a life of greater peace, joy, and freedom from self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. How this happens is through our personal practice, done over time, with a positive attitude.

But how do we know what we need to practice? What is it we need to work on? What patterns and actions block our way to positive change? For this we need guidance to focus on what is limiting our growth, to practice utilizing the appropriate tools of yoga for our situation, and to sustain us in our goal.

To have a practice we can turn to that fits into our life, that supports our bodies, minds, and emotional lives, and that helps us grow, we need the help of a teacher. My job as a yoga teacher is threefold. First, it is to hold up a mirror to help you see where you may have patterns and behaviors you may even be unconscious of that may be causing you problems. Second, I work with you to design a practice you can do on your own using the appropriate tools of yoga to support you in creating positive change. Third, I am available to continue to work with you to make changes in the practice and give you feedback, as needed and/or desired.

When you contact me for a private session, I will ask you to complete a confidential health form, which provides a starting point for our initial conversation. Our conversation allows us to begin to build a relationship and establish goals for the practice. I guide you in a practice to be sure you can do it on your own at home. Then I draw up the practice for you to refer to at home, or, if you bring a recording device, I will record the practice for you. Usually we set up another time to meet so I can observe you in the practice and make any changes needed.

My goal is to empower you to take the tools of yoga into your life to discover something new. I guarantee you will find something. And, you will not be alone.



To set up appointment for your individualized yoga practice or for more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Terry
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